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3 Best Kodi Builds for September 2017 – Smash 4K, Kryptikz & Misfit Mods

Welcome to another KOdi Build review!  Today we’ll be taking a look at 3 brand new builds: Misfit Mods Lite, Smash 4K and Kryptikz ZT.

As you read through this article, you will learn:

  • How to install all 3 builds
  • Which major add-ons they contain
  • How these 3 new builds compare to other popular builds


Before you can get any of the builds mentioned below, you’ll first need to download and install the free, open source media player known as Kodi. Kodi is available on Mac, Windows, Android and many other platforms.

Once you install Kodi, you’ll need to enable unknown sources. Open Kodi and click the gear icon in the top left corner of the screen.

The gear icon
The gear icon. 

Then, click system settings.

System settings
System settings.

Next click add-ons from the side menu and click the enable unknown add-ons toggle switch.

Enabling unknown add-ons.
Enabling unknown add-ons.
Now all you need to do is follow the installation instructions provided below to try out the reviewed builds.

New Builds for the Month of September

The first build we’ll be taking a look at this month is called Misfit Mods Lite. This build is missing some button artwork and not all of its menus load properly. On the other hand, but it’s an excellent choice if you like American football. Misfit Mods has been getting lots of downloads lately because the NFL pre-season is almost over and the regular season is about to begin.

Smash 4K is the second build on our September build list. Its creator runs the popular indie repository known as Smash. Smash has been involved with Kodi for several years, and his experience with Kodi add-ons shows. His Smash 4K build is specifically designed for people with 4K TVs. Smash 4K’s skin is gorgeous and you can find lots of links to 4K streams in its menus.

The 3rd build we covered this month is Kryptikz ZT. The “ZT” in the name stands for Team ZeroTolerance– a new group of indie Kodi developers. Kryptikz ZT stands out because it’s decorated with superhero fan art. But like the Misfit Mods build, Kryptikz ZT is a bit rough around the edges. Most of its features work, but some of its add-ons are out-of-date or don’t work at all. Hopefully, with time Team ZT will iron out its bugs.

Misfit Mods Lite

  • Works with Amazon Fire TV
  • Lots of American football add-ons
  • Somewhat buggy
  • Caters to United States Kodi fans

Major video add-ons: Wolfpack, Bennu, BoB Unleashed, Covenant, Goodfellas 2.0, Pro Sport

Main menu page titles: Live TV, Sports, Movies, TV Shows, Music, Videos, Settings

Misfit Mods Lite installation instructions

Misfit Mods is available via the Misfit Mods wizard.  Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how to install Misfit Mods and get the Misfit Mods build.

1.  Download the Misfit Mods wizard

Go to and download to your hard drive.

2.  Install the Misfit Mods wizard

From inside of Kodi, click the addons menu on the side of the screen.  Then, click the box icon.

click the box
The box icon is the leftmost icon.

Once you click the box icon, you’ll see a text menu.  Select the option that says install from zip file, then navigate to where you saved and click open.

3.  Install Misfit Mods Lite

After you install the Misfit Mods wizard, a message box will appear.

misfit mods info box
This box will appear after you install the Misfit Mods wizard.

Click Build Menu to go to the build menu installation page. From there, click Misfit Mods Lite and choose Fresh Install.

In-depth review and screenshots

Weighing in at just over 100 megabytes, Misfit Mods Lite seems to have been designed with fans of Amazon Fire TV in mind. It’s a small, lightweight build that only contains a minimal amount of artwork and main menu pages.

Even though it isn’t perfect, if you enjoy American football you will probably appreciate Misfit Mods.

Though most of this build’s sports related menus work pretty well, we noticed that its movie and TV widgets and menus sometimes fail to load.

content loading
You may spend quite a bit of time staring at the “content loading” indicator if you install this build.

Once you get past the main menu, though, this build works pretty well.

Misfit Mods relies on Covenant for TV related content. Covenant was created from the ashes of the now defunct add-on that was known as Exodus.

Covenant’s interface looks pretty awesome on Misfit Mods. The major menus appear as little squares on the bottom of the interface. When you hover over a menu, an enlarged version of it appears on the left side of the screen.

covenant menu
Covenant looks nice when accessed via Misfit Mods Lite.
The movies menu also contains a lot of good links but it doesn’t look nearly as nice because it relies on Bennu. Unlike Covenant, Bennu’s menus aren’t labeled with icons and their structures don’t always make logical sense. As a result, Bennu doesn’t look nearly as slick as Covenant does on Misfit Mods.

FYI: Like Covenant, Bennu was also built out of the bones of an old add-on. When the makers of Phoenix called it quits, some of its developers joined the Bennu project.

bennu menu
To use Bennu, you have to randomly poke around until you discover where the good content is hidden.

Misfit Mods is a great build for fans of American football. But overall, it doesn’t seem ready for primetime yet. But if Misfit Mods’ development team keeps on pushing out updates and bug fixes, it could evolve into a leading build.

Smash 4K

  • Works best on high-end systems (nVidia, Mac, PC, etc.)
  • Lots of links to 4K streams
  • Sports section caters to soccer fans
  • HD wallpaper and effects
  • Designed by an experienced indie Kodi dev

Major video add-ons: Wolfpack, Bob Unleashed, Bennu, Covenant, Pro Sport, Goodfellas 2.0, Specto

Main menu page titles: My Addons, Weather, Music, 24/7, Favorites, Movies, TV shows, SportsDevil, Live TV, Mens, Her Place, Kids, Soccer, System, Clean Up, Power

Smash 4K installation instructions

The Smash 4k build is available via Smash Wizard.  Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how to install Smash Wizard and get the Smash 4k build.

1.  Download the Smash Wizard installation file.

The Smash Wizard installation file SMASHWizard(check for updates after installed).zip is located at

2.  Install Smash Wizard.

From inside of Kodi, click the addons menu on the side of the screen.  Then, click the box icon.

add-ons menu
The box icon is the leftmost icon.

Once you click the box icon, you’ll see a text menu.  Select the option that says install from zip file, then navigate to where you saved SMASHWizard(check for updates after installed).zip and click open.

3.  Install Smash Wizard

After you install Smash Wizard, a message box will appear.

info box smash
This box will pop up after you install Smash Wizard.

Click Build Menu to go to the build menu installation page. From there, click 4K Build Kryp with EXT Info Mod and choose Fresh Install.

In-depth review and screenshots

If you have a 4K TV and a geeked out Kodi box, you may want to check out Smash 4K. Though this build does eat up a lot of CPU resources, it looks great if your Kodi equipment can handle the extra effects and HD streams.

In order to make it easier for 4K compatible TV owners to find high quality streams, Smash has pulled together HD content from several different video add-ons.

4k streams build
Just click the 4K button to look up 4K streams on several different video add-ons.

Smash 4K is one of the few builds we’ve seen that uses “Ken Burns” style effects for the wallpaper. The background seems to move as you browse from menu to menu.

Like most builds, Smash 4K features separate main menu pages for TV and movie content. The movie page features integration. There’s also a “Her place” section for the ladies.

her place
Smash 4K’s “Her Place” menu features links to chick flicks, entertainment news and more.

Smash 4K’s “Men’s” page features buttons that lead to guy-centric add-ons and lists. There’s also a soccer page that links to replays and soccer related content lists on a variety of different add-ons.

soccer menu
Smash 4K’s soccer menu page.

This build’s main weakness is that it contains a ton of adult add-ons. If you have a family to worry about you probably won’t be very thrilled about the fact on Smash 4K it only takes a click or two to get to content that isn’t so suitable for kids.

Kryptikz ZT

  • Superhero inspired art
  • Fast performance
  • Too big for Amazon Fire TV
  • Unique menu choices
  • Some add-ons don’t work

Major video add-ons: White Devil, Bubbles, Covenant, Elysium, Goodfellas 2.0, Specto, SportsDevil, Bennu, Bobby’s Cartoons

Main menu page titles: Movies, My Lists, Recent, Explore, Doc Zone, Sports, Cartoons, System, TV Shows

Kryptikz ZT installation instructions

Kryptikz ZT is available via the TeamZT wizard.  Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how to install the TeamZT wizard and get the Kryptikz ZT.

1.  Download the TeamZT wizard installation file

Go to and download to your hard drive.

2.  Install the TeamZT wizard

From inside of Kodi, click the addons menu on the side of the screen.  Then, click the box icon.

The box icon is the leftmost icon.

Once you click the box icon, you’ll see a text menu.  Select the option that says install from zip file, then navigate to where you saved and click open.

3.  Install Kryptikz ZT

After you install ZTWizard, a message box will appear.

Click Build Menu to go to the build menu installation page. From there, click Kryptikz ZT Edition Krypton and choose Fresh Install.

In-depth review and screenshots

Kryptikz ZT weighs in at 419 MB, but it’s faster than most heavy duty builds because most of its menu pages don’t have widgets. Instead, the design centers around HD superhero themed background images.

In addition to nice looking wallpaper, Kryptikz ZT also has unique menu pages that you don’t find on other builds. The “Explore” page has 17 different buttons, all of which lead to different add-ons.

The Explore menu page’s sub-menu links to the following add-ons: YouTube, FreeLiveTV, Skynet, Supremacy, The Pyramid, BoB Unleashed, Bennu, UK Turk, Release Hub, Safehouse Movies, Stream Army, Dr. Stream, White Devil, Pulse, Project D and Section 1. Source: AddonHQ

If you lose track of what you’re doing while exploring the many different add-ons included with Kryptikz ZT, you can use the “Recent” menu page to retrace your steps.

recent menu
The Recent main menu page links to an add-on history page.

Kryptikz ZT’s main downside is the fact that some of its add-ons are out-of-date. For example, the group that created 1Channel disbanded a long time ago and handed over their source code to the indie developer known as Mucky Duck. Mucky Duck then rebranded the 1Channel add-on as Duckpool.

addon catalog
Kryptikz ZT contains lots of add-ons, but some of them don’t work or have been abandoned.

The reason behind this build’s odd choice of add-ons may be the fact that team Zero Tolerance seems to be new to Kodi’s indie developer scene. Once Team ZT gains a little more experience, they should have a better idea of which add-ons to include and which ones to omit.


After a somewhat chaotic summer for indie Kodi developers, we’re pleased to see that a handful of new Kodi builds are gaining traction and popularity. Misfit Mods Lite, Smash 4K, Kryptikz ZT rank among the best Kodi builds that we’ve seen emerge over the last few weeks.

  • Misfit Mods Lite.  If you run Kodi on Amazon Fire TV and you like American football, you may want to give Misfit Mods Lite a spin.
  • Smash 4K. If you have a TV that can handle 4K feeds, Smash 4K may be more your style.
  • Kryptikz ZT. Are you into comic books? If so, you might want to download Kryptikz ZT and check out its superhero inspired wallpapers.

Source: addonHQ

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